165 Years of Montgomery TX Memories!

"Melrose House" is now Hodge Podge Lodge and home to the Eatery at HPL

"Melrose House" is now Hodge Podge Lodge and home to the Eatery at HPL

The Eatery at Hodge Podge Lodge is another addition to the long and storied history of the property itself.  When "Melrose House" as it was known in those days was built by Richard Willis (yes, the same man the town of Willis was named after) it was considered a building masterpiece.  Many of the towns couples used the vast gardens to court their lovers.  To this day Hodge Podge Lodge as it is now known,  continues to delight couples, families and friends from all over the world with its charming B & B, Wedding & Events center, lush grounds with 300 year old pecan trees and now the newest culinary experience to every hit Montgomery Texas!  The EATERY at Hodge Podge Lodge!

Come see why so many have come to honor us with their memories while enjoying some of the best food this side of Austin! 


Jeff & Mistie Angelo | Owners

Jeff Angelo is a "retired/re-fired" entrepreneur with a passion for serving others.  He started his first business in 1977, a singing telegram company by the name of, Eastern Onion!  Jeff has launched a party store, a costume design shop, an ad agency, a balloon decorating company, an online photo sharing site,  and most recently, the largest Santa Claus photography company in the world with more than 350 locations nationwide and Canada. 

Jeff retired in 2012 and spent most of the next few years mastering the culinary arts to become a Chef. 

Now onto the biggest challenge of his lifetime "as he would say.  Fitting a commercial kitchen and restaurant into a 165 year old structure while keeping the historic integrity of the property intact.  "I've started 28 businesses and had 24 successful failures," as Jeff would say, but bringing Hodge Podge Lodge up to being one of the premier venues and gourmet food establishments has been my greatest joy and blessing.

Mistie Angelo found a passion for teaching and leads several homeschool children in the Montgomery find their passion through immersive learning.  Married to Jeff for nearly 35 years, she has come to realize that the only thing that is guaranteed is change is the norm.  Mistie and Jeff have three children, Zach, Nick and Zoe.  They live in Montgomery and look forward to bringing joyful memories to all they serve   

Chef Rick Adams | Executive Chef

Chef Rick Adams is truly one-of-a-kind!  Anybody who has met him or been the recipient of his masterful culinary skills knows from moment one that he is a remarkable human being.  Chef Rick was raised in dozens of foster homes which only served to chisel his impeccable character and care for others.  He serves not only great food but also a sincere love for others that is uncompromising and infectious. 

Chef Rick was one of the original founding Chefs of the Pappas family chain of restaurants.  He is credited with opening the first Pappasito's, Pappadeaux's, Pappa Bros Steak house and many others.  His most lengthy and recent engagement took him to the Walden Yacht Club as their Executive Chef for more than 15 years!

Chef Rick is a husband to his wife Mary for 35+ years and dotes on two beautiful daughters, Molly and Amy. 

We are honored to have this loving, Godly and talented man at the helm of The Eatery as he will bring charm and dedication to excellence like no other.

 Chef Rick says it best, "After 42 years of cooking, it is still fun! I want to get back to the simple aspects of my culinary mission statement. Cooking with quality ingredients, making food from scratch and  bringing happiness to those that He has placed at the table in the restaurant I call home."



Adam Plaskey | Director of Operations

A giver of all things, Adam Plaskey passionately serves those seeking services in the wedding and hospitality industry for over 12 years. As a director, chef, and entrepreneur; Adam organizes, orchestrates and executes some of the finest exceptional and memorable events in southeast Texas. Those living their love stories praise him for his desire and design in helping their days run serene and effortlessly alongside the team at HPL.

In his past Adam, has managed a very successful Historic Bed and Breakfast and he is happy once again to be back in the B&B serving others.  Adam has traveled nationally organizing business plans of event venues, learning what is effective or otherwise fruitless. His knowledge gained on his adventures has allowed him to analyze and explore in order to execute the many desires of, you, the people in regards to what makes you happy on your special days.

Adam and his lovely wife, Rachael raise their 2 year old son Tristan on a little slice of Texas just a few miles north of Hodge Podge Lodge.

Adam is a great asset to our team but more importantly to the community at large with his love and passion to serve others, striving for perfection and settling for excellence!

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